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Learning World Languages in the Digital Age:

The recently inaugurated World Languages Resource Center is a state of the art instructional Media Lab, offering new technology-enhanced instruction, interactive learning materials and simulation tools. In the age of digital revolution, the foreign language classroom is also rapidly changing.  As a multi-function space, this 21st century language classroom now provides instructors with the opportunity to deliver computer-enhanced oral and written instruction that supplements coursework done in traditional classroom setting. Our goals are to bring students to experience foreign language acquisition as a living, vital and fun process while simultaneously developing grammatical competence and critical skills to better understand and respond to an increasingly globalized world.

Dean Susan Pease participates in a demonstration of the new digital lab. President John Miller and Assistant Professor Lourdes Casas try out the new equipment. Assistant Dean Paul Altieri and Gustavo Mejía, Center Director, study the lab console.

Located in Henry Barnard, 301, the World Languages Resource Center is equipped with 24 work stations, each allowing for individual computer access and digital recording.

The 24 DELL computers are linked to the university network, with access to the WWW and Net.

In order to use the computers in the LLC, students must first establish a BlueNet account via Pipeline.

The Resource Center is equipped with state of the art Sony Virtuoso® digital lab and Soloist® recording software.

An instruction computer, a VCR,  and a CD-ROM / DVD player, can all be projected on the computer screens of the 24 workstations. Students can be paired or grouped, and share screens and mouse. Any student's work can be modeled to the whole class, among many other possibilities.

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